"Krysia helped me realize how easy it could be to give up disposable food containers. Traveling together in Peru, I watched her carry tupperware everywhere. Rather than have to-go meals served in styrofoam, she had a sealable container that didn't leak, smell, or create waste. Now when I travel, I always carry a reusable food container that keeps my leftovers fresher, and I feel good knowing I'm not polluting." - Grant Mulligan, Environmental Consultant


"Before I met Krysia I didn't think about all the waste (food, plastics etc.) I created everyday. From tossing pizza boxes in the trash, to accepting Styrofoam at restaurants, I didn't give these small actions a second thought. From interacting with Krysia, I've learned that not only do these small collective actions have an enormous negative impact on the environment, but they are also impacts that are easily avoided. Instead of throwing away food scarps or greasy pizza boxes into the trash, Krysia taught me to compost them, teaching me what can and cannot be put into a compost pile and what can and cannot be recycled. Instead of getting take out in Styrofoam containers, I now always bring a reusable container. And despite the strange looks I sometimes get for bringing my own container, Krysia's model behavior has instilled in me a sense of pride for reducing my personal waste which has made changing my behavior easy, and strangely fun. I welcome the sarcastic comments, "Oh, you're an environmentalist" and will gladly refuse to visit any restaurant, coffee shop, or bar that will not fill my reusable cup or mocks me for my tupperware. Without Krysia's encouragement and gentle prodding, I would still be another person unaware of the waste I was creating. Oh and straws! I don't use straws any more because of Krysia." - Sarah Tolbert, Community Forestry Coordinator at Strong Roots


"I co-organize New Haven Bike Month. With Krysia's consistent (yet deeply kind) influence, she has encouraged our team to make our events increasingly more sustainable. We hope to continue to work alongside her guidance to ensure that our events contribute to our community in healthy, sustainable ways. Krysia has been an active and dedicated part of the New Haven Bike Month team. With humor, grace, and knowledge, she provides her perspective on sustainable practices consistently. Whether we are organizing an event for hundreds of people or having a small gathering at our homes, she supports these efforts by both reminding of of their significance and practicing deeply what she preaches." - Caroline Smith, Co-Organizer of New Haven Bike Month


"Face it, being sustainable is not easy. Whether it's our diets, driving habits, or tendencies for air travel, the way we live today is locking the planet into an unlivable place for tomorrow. We must change our dominant economic systems and material technologies. But preceding these changes, we must change ourselves. Still, change is hard. And lifestyle change seems impossible without a push. Krysia Solheim is that push. She knows what sacrifice is and she has a first hand sense of how it feels. Krysia has helped substantially reduce my waste output. And this is no easy thing to do in our throw-away culture of today. Yet Krysia, through leading by example, nagging on cue, and lending me a container every unexpected time I needed one, ingrained in me not a sense to recycle, but the idea that first me must reduce, and then reuse, before deciding what gets tossed in the ether of black and blue bins. After just a little while with Krysia, these habits became second nature. Now, I'm proud to say that my declining contribution to the waste-stream holds weight as a responsible behavior, even when held up against my ziplock bag washing Grandmother. From changing our consumptive choices to our waste-bin decisions, to what we put in our bodies, and emit from our lives, Krysia is a powerful force in self-sustainable improvement, helping us, and our planet, to be a better place. If you want to change the world, start with yourself, and see Krysia for help." - Shane Feyers, Conservation Planner and Ecotourism Consultant