Department of Transportation, Traffic & Parking

Move New Haven: New Haven was awarded a grant from the Federal Transit Administration to conduct an Alternatives Analysis Study for transit service in Greater New Haven. Viosimo is assisting with local public outreach and engagement. More information on the Study here

New Haven Bike Share: New Haven Smart Mobility LLC was awarded a bike share RFP in 2016. Viosimo is helping manage public outreach and engagement, develop marketing, and plan the design of the system. More information here.

General Alternative Transportation Projects: Develop grant applications; Work with local companies and organizations on alternative transportation projects.

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Department of Engineering

New Haven Climate & Sustainability Framework: After a local climate change coalition petitioned the Mayor in early 2016, the City of New Haven decided to update the 2004 Climate Action Plan. Viosimo was hired to assist the Department of Engineering with the process. More information on the Framework here.

The process has consisted of: Researching similar plans in other cities; Coordinating the six working groups tasked with developing the framework strategies; Writing and editing drafts; Creating a website; Managing interns; and Coordinating public outreach and engagement.